Adam Demby Drums

Adam officially endorses Tama Drums!

July 20, 2016

Since 2009, Adam has been playing Tama Drums.  Now he has the honor and pleasure of being an official artist.  His favorite kit at the moment is the Silverstar line.

The Xandra Corpora Band is recording their debut album!

The Xandra Corpora Band, the band Adam plays in, is in the process of recording their first album and plan for a Spring 2016 release. Keep your eyes and hears on the lookout for promotion shows, such as the one below!

(December 2015)

The Xandra Corpora Band released their first album, "Soul Fires"!

July 2016

The Xandra Corpora Band, the band Adam plays in, has released their debut album, "Soul Fires".  It can be downloaded at CD Baby or iTunes.
CD Baby


Adam is featured in a Tama Drums promotion video!

January 2014

Adam appears in Tama's promotion video of their newest drum set, the Tama Silverstar Cocktail-Jam kit. This video was made to promote the new product at the NAMM Show in 2014.

Adam officially endorses Promark Drumsticks and Evans Drumheads!

October 2016

Adam first began playing Evans Drumheads in 2002, and Promark Drumsticks since 2016.  He is in love with the Level 360 production and UV1 line.  His favorite sticks are the Select Balance and Active Grip, both Rebound.  They inspire him to play in a way that brings pure joy and inspiration.  He is also in love with the Accent brushes. They all feel and sound perfect!