Adam Demby Drums
Adam's Passions...

Teaching, performing, recording, grooving, dancing, living, being.


Adam constantly strives to inspire and be inspired.


Adam Demby, or "The Hamster" as he is also known, is an international drummer based in Nagoya, Japan and is the drummer for The Xandra Corpora Band, an international trio crossing genre lines to bring you the funk your soul desires. They have just recently released their debut album, "Soul Fires", in July 2016.

Who is the Hamster?? The Hamster is a force of love, joy, happiness, all combining to form an unstoppable energy that makes those listening or watching become connected to their own inner hamster.

Who is Adam?? Adam proudly hails from New Jersey, USA. He grew up with music, having spent his early years playing the trombone in concert, jazz, marching, and pit bands, all while listening to everything his mom and dad listened to, from Bob Dylan and Jimmy Cliff, to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Frank Zappa.

The entire time he played trombone, however, the infectious sound of the drums is what drove him as he inevitably turned time-keeper/drum-basher while in high school. Over the following five years, he honed his craft with instructors John Leister, Joe Bergamini, and later Greg Humphries at the University of Pittsburgh.

Over the years, Adam has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, playing across various musical genres, from rock and blues to funk and fusion, but he is never at the end of his journey of never-ending education. He constantly takes inspiration from drummers such as John Bonham, Akira Jimbo, Chad Smith, and Steve Gadd. He continues to push the boundaries of his playing and the music he plays, whether playing from sheet music or improvising.

Having a sharp ear for music, timing, and rhythm guarantees solid grooves throughout his performances. Everything he plays is deliberate and with the passion and emotion that only a hamster can have. This makes Adam's style and sound so unique.

What is he doing?? In 2004, Adam made the leap to Japan and is currently based in the city of Nagoya. He has since become very active in the music scene. Along with playing in The Xandra Corpora Band, he also plays with well-known slide-blues guitarist, Kunio Kishida, Champagne Soaked Cookies, and The Brown Bag Project. While running his own jam session, the GC Jam Session, he also plays in the host band for another one called La Funk Session. In order to create the greatest sound possible, he proudly endorses Tama Drums, Promark Drumsticks, and Evans Drumheads.

​What has he done?? Adam was the music coordinator KPB Theatre when in production of Dreamcatcher (an original musical). He oversaw the musical aspects of their productions. He also performed on the recording of the official soundtrack to the musical. He also has also recorded on Elijah Ben's debut album "Prophetic Technology".

Not only does he spend a great deal of time in the studio and on stage, but he also spends time on another passion of his, teaching. Becoming a mentor for his students has given him more drive and passion to improve his own skills.

Adam hopes everyone has the chance to experience the magic that is music, through creating or absorbing, and find their own inner hamster.